T2 Tips | Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

We’ve made it to the holiday season again and I’m looking forward to getting together with family and friends to celebrate the season!  However, if you’re anything like me, the holidays can bring some angst to your normal workout routine and the healthy eating habits you built up once the summer ended.  It’s like once November hits, days move faster and there’s a party to attend every 3 days. It also seems that every single friend, coworker, and family member is pushing some food in your face for you to try out…on your stomach.  Believe me, I know it can cause a little anxiety.  So my approach to the holidays is same every single year since I’ve lost weight.  

1) Be flexible in changing up your workout times and days so you’re able to keep up your physical activity during these next 60 days. (i.e. work out on Sundays if you need to).

2) Spend your calories on foods that you absolutely “MUST” try.

3) Don’t be afraid to SAY NO to people for events, food, and alcohol in order to keep your sanity in check.  


The holidays are meant to be enjoyed, but remember they’re only around for 60 days, so use some discretion so you don’t approach 2018 the way you started 2017.