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One-on-one training- Includes 3, 1-hour sessions each week, nutritional counseling, weekly performance reports, weekly motivational and health tips.

Small Group Personal Training- Involves personal training with 2 to 4 clients at a time. Includes 2-4, 1 hour sessions each week, nutritional counseling, workout guidance outside of on-site personal training, weekly performance reports, weekly motivational and health tips.  Training is conducted by our lead trainer, Tasha Turnbull or our training assistants.

T2 Fitness clients pay for their training sessions on a monthly basis and must commit to training for at least 4-6 months.  We offer no packages (as you need consistency to reach your goals).

Since programs are customized, price is determined based upon fitness assessment, program created, training level, health risks, fitness history, how many days a week you commit to training and how many months you invest in yourself to reach your goals.

Our fitness assessments are usually an hour long.  During the fitness assessment we discuss your health goals, assess your training level, evaluate health risks, assess your exercise and nutritional history, as well as you get an idea of the format of our workouts.  The cost for the assessment is a nonrefundable/nontransferable fee of $35.  If you are interested in coming in for an assessment please email us at or contact us at 757-695-8823.



Small group fitness classes are conducted periodically throughout the year. Check back to the site, under the Sweat and Flex Bootcamp tab and our homepage periodically to find out about our next group session.


Classes and bootcamps focus on improving cardiovascular endurance while utilizing major muscle groups to strengthen and tone the upper body, lower body, and core. Most classes and bootcamps include some of the following:  healthy food guide, private Facebook group with daily posting, accountability form to keep you on track outside of bootcamp times. Training is conducted by our lead trainer, Tasha Turnbull or our 3 training assistants. For immediate information about current special classes, group training, and bootcamps occurring at T2 Fitness Studios, please refer to our homepage and the Sweat and Flex Bootcamp tab.  To find out when our next group training classes occur, please utilize the “Contact” form on our site to be added to our T2 Fitness newsletter.  The T2 Fitness newsletter keeps you up to date on future classes, personal training discount offers, motivational tips, and special T2 Fitness projects occurring locally and online.  For any questions or concerns about our bootcamps and classes, email us at




T2 Fitness has started a fitness program outside our studios entitled the T2 Fitness Corporate Workforce Fit Bootcamp. Our goal is to improve the health, strength, and endurance of workers in the Hampton Roads area so they can increase their quality of life and improve their mental alertness, stamina, and productivity to become positive assets to their companies and community. Our program is comprehensive; encompassing workouts, nutrition tips, accountability, and health coaching and would prove to be a great asset to your current wellness program. Specifically, our program consists of:

*4-Week Bootcamp
*2-30-60 minutes total body workouts conducted each week on site for staff
*Modified exercises provided if necessary, to accommodate all training levels
*Staff weigh-in/measurements taken, “before” and “after” pictures taken
*Healthy Food Guide dispersed to staff
*Grocery List
*Private Facebook Group only for program participants with daily posting
*(1) One 30 minute one-on-one coaching telephone call for each participant
*Workout guidance for the rest of the week outside of on-site training
*Prize for biggest loser/biggest transformation


Sentara boot camp


For questions or to get started on having a bootcamp at your facility, please email us at or call us at (757) 695-8823.



T2 Fitness also conducts health and fitness workshops for your office, sports team, organization, or company. Call today for more details.



The site offers new, state of the art equipment in an inviting and intimate setting perfect for one to one or small group training. As well as providing its clients with the professional, dedicated, and non judgmental environment that T2 Fitness is known for in the community.