Recently, we traveled to Japan and absolutely loved it!  Before I got on the plane, I made sure to have a major game plan on how to maintain my weight while on vacation.  I mean who wants to come back after a lovely, relaxing vacation only to find out you’ve gained 6 lbs (trust me I’ve been there).  So to prevent that from happening again, here are 4 tips I made sure to implement prior to (and while I was on vacation); so I come back the same person I was before I left!


  1.  Prepare yourself to lead a fit lifestyle while away from home.  Get in your mind that regardless of what geographic location you are in, you need to subscribe to eating as healthy as you can and getting in as much activity as possible to balance out the different food choices you will make on vacation.  Set reminders to yourself on your phone before you leave and 2-3 days into your vacation to remind yourself of the fitness goals you have set up for yourself for the year.
  2. Plan to get in as much activity as possible.  Relax on your vacation but make sure you get in that activity everyday; whether it be walking, jogging around the neighborhood you are residing in, hiking, renting a bike, swimming in the poor or ocean, or getting in a workout at your hotel.  I don’t care what you do as long as you get that heart rate up each day.
  3. Sample and Taste your food…do  not gorge.  Enjoy your new found foods by sampling some of the things you really want to try; just don’t go overboard by eating mounds of food.  Chew slowly and savor the food. After you have finished with your meal, move on to something else or another activity that does not involve taking in more calories into your stomach.
  4. Lessen alcohol content whenever possible.  Opt for dry red wine, champagne, wine spritzers, and light beer.  Drink water in between your alcoholic drinks to keep you hydrated and feeling fuller quicker.

T2 Tips | Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

We’ve made it to the holiday season again and I’m looking forward to getting together with family and friends to celebrate the season!  However, if you’re anything like me, the holidays can bring some angst to your normal workout routine and the healthy eating habits you built up once the summer ended.  It’s like once November hits, days move faster and there’s a party to attend every 3 days. It also seems that every single friend, coworker, and family member is pushing some food in your face for you to try out…on your stomach.  Believe me, I know it can cause a little anxiety.  So my approach to the holidays is same every single year since I’ve lost weight.  
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T2’s Trip To Tanzania

A few weeks ago, our founder, Tasha Turnbull, took a trip to Tanzania! While there, she was able to connect with the locals and even teach some fitness classes. Check out her VLOG below which highlights her life-changing trip. You’ll even see the fitness class she conducted! Check out her VLOG Here!

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Fall Fitness Tips


With Fall just a few days away, it’s the perfect time to recommit yourself to a solid fitness plan. What better way to get back on track than right before the holidays?  Below are some fitness tips to assist you in reclaiming your fitness routine.
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Self-Care Tips from T2 Fitness Founder


I needed a refresh from everything going on this past week, so I used this weekend to find different ways to relax my body and mind.  There are several ways you can practice self care daily or weekly. It’s so important to do internal self-care because when you feel good, you push yourself more to reach your goals. Hopefully these tips will help you focus more on taking care of yourself. 

Here our are top 6 Self-Care Tips!

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Half-Year Motivation, Run Your Best, and More!

Hello August! We are now more than half-way through the year. It’s not time to get comfortable, it’s time to KEEP GOING!

Do a mid-year fitness check: Have you reached the goals you set out for yourself? What are you doing to get back on track? Do you need to break your goals into smaller goals in order for you to fully complete them?


We are in week 3 of the Sweat and Flex Bootcamp and this week we are focusing on running and jogging at our best pace.  Running is one of the main ways I was able to lose 90lbs and maintain my weight loss over the years. As a result, I am a big proponent of incorporating running into your weekly fitness routine.

Running is free, requires no equipment, incorporates all the major muscle groups in your body, and you can run whenever you want: all you need is a pair of legs!  This week, our Sweat and Flex participants will be running 3x a week, so feel free to join us.  Make sure you run or jog at least 3x a week before work, after work, on your lunch break or on the weekends.  

Your run or jog should last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.
Happy Running! 
Congrats to our client Quinnisha who lost 50lbs training with T2 Fitness!
Through her hard work, determination, and dedication, she was (and still is) able to make a healthy lifestyle change. Keep up the good work – Go Girl!
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Delicious Recipe | Shrimp & Veggie Frittata

Shrimp & Veggie Frittata

Shrimp Frittata.jpgRecipes that incorporate multiple food groups in one meal are a great way to making sure you’re getting enough nutrients from each food group. Below is a delicious Shrimp & Veggie Frittata recipe that is sure to take your breakfast or brunch to the next level.

1/2 cup of red peppers, sliced
1/2 cup of broccoli, rough chopped
1/4 cup red onions, chopped
2 tbsp of sundries tomatoes
7-8 eggs, beaten
1/2 lb of shrimp, peeled and deveined
Olive oil
Pam cooking spray
Salt and pepper
1/4 tsp of Mrs Dash
1/4 tsp of blackened seasoning
1/4 tsp of garlic powder
1) Heat medium-sized cast-iron skillet with 2 tsp of olive oil.  Season shrimp with Mrs. Dash, blackened seasoning, and garlic powder in small bowl and set aside.
2) Turn on oven to 375 degrees.  Add veggies to skillet, except for sundried tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper. Cook until veggies are half way cooked, about 2-4 minutes
3) Spread veggies throughout so they’re evenly distributed within skillet. Next, add in beaten eggs and make sure egg mixture goes all the way to the sides of the skillet;  if not, add more eggs.
4) Next, place shrimp and sun-dried tomatoes evenly throughout frittata.  Place into the oven for 5-10 minutes or until the top of the frittata is golden.  Serve immediately and top with plain Greek yogurt, guacamole, hot sauce.
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Love Yourself: Self Care Tips to Enhance Your Life

With such busy schedules and the daily hustle and bustle of life, sometimes there’s only a SMALL amount of time left for ourselves. Below are a few tips to enhance your lifestyle mentally, physically, and emotionally. 


Mentally: Make to-do lists with deadlines. We can always say what we are “going to do,” but if you put a deadline on a task, it will force you to get it done. This can take away some of the mental anxiety of having too much on your plate.


Physically: Create a little workout space at home for those ‘just in case I can’t make it to the gym’ days. Let’s face it, sometimes we don’t have the energy (or time) to get to the gym. Purchase yourself some free weights and a jump rope and keep it in a visible space. Make it a point to do a few exercises in the AM or PM for consistency. 


 Emotionally: At least a few times a week, disconnect from the outside world. Whether that means logging off your social media or turning off the TV, find some time to yourself. Use this time to read meditations, motivational quotes, a spiritual novel, etc. Disconnect from the world and connect to a higher power to get in touch with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.


Remember, YOU have to be well mentally, physically, and emotionally FIRST before you can be there for anyone else. Take time today to give yourself a little love by implementing some of these self care tips into your life.

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Let’s face it…meal prepping can be really hard and time-consuming. Meal prepping can be a key element when it comes to weight loss. Here at T2 Fitness, we want to make your meal-prepping a little easier with some tips to get you ahead of the eating game!

What Do I Need?

Snack Size and Sandwich Size Ziploc Bags and a Black Sharpie

What Do I Do?

Pull enough bags for a morning and afternoon snack each day. That should be about 5 sandwich sized bags and 5 snack sized bags. With your sharpie, write on your sandwich sized bag a time for your morning snack. Your morning snack should be eaten 2-3 hours after your breakfast and about 2 hours before your lunch. (For example, if you eat breakfast at 7:30AM, your snack bag should say 10:00AM. You should then eat lunch around 12:00). After that, fill your sandwich size bags half way with fruit (sliced apples, strawberries, grapes, etc.)

Next, mark you snack sized bag with an afternoon snack time. You should have your afternoon snack about 2-3 hours after your lunch. (For example, if you eat lunch around 12:30PM, your snack bag should say 3:00PM.) After that, fill your snack size bags with something healthy (mixed nuts, trail mix minus the chocolate, wheat crackers, pita chips, etc.)

Now you will not forget WHEN you need to eat your snacks because you have marked your snacks appropriately. Food is your fuel and keeps your metabolism running in order to burn more calories to get rid of that excess weight.

Happy Packing!

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We have an awesome 5k run hosted by T2 fitness taking place Saturday June 3rd at 8:30am on the campus of Virginia Wesleyan College. This will be the most inspiring day in the Hampton Roads area. The purpose of the race is to gather several individuals together who has one goal in mind and that is to be successful whether it is fitness, personally or career. The chip-timed race is supported by J&A Racing and provides T-shirts, medals, live music and post race food and beer(ages 21+) to all participants. The run is opened to the public ages 10 and up, men and women. For more information, to register, sponsorship, and vending visit


A portion of the proceeds from the Goal Seekers 5k Race will be delivered to Beach Health Clinic and Clever Communities in Action
 Our current sponsors include: Sentara Heart Hospital, The Vitamin Shoppe, TowneBank, Loft 17, Restaurant and Lounge, and Dave and Busters.
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Self-Care Tips For the Holiday Season by Tasha Turnbullpleas_turnbull-593

Self-care has been trending as of recently and for good reason. Too often, the holidays are filled with tons of travel, holiday parties, spending more money than usual on gifts, food, and clothes to wear to all of your holiday parties. The stress of keeping up with all the hustle and bustle and make everyone around you feel happy can cause you to get burned out. The holidays should be a time of laughter and joy with friends and family; and our overall health and wellness should not suffer in the process of it. To make sure you do not start 2017 tired and sluggish, check out our top 7 self-care tips you need to add in to your routine today.

1) Breathe. Something simple as taking in deep breaths can help to lower your stress level and blood pressure, and clear your mind. Try to engage in taking a few deep breaths twice a day during the holiday season.

2) Get a massage. Stress can manifest itself physiologically in the body, creating tension in the shoulders, back, and legs, which can lead to a number of different health issues. Aim to get a 60 minute massage to help reduce cortisol, adrenaline, headaches, fatigue, as well as muscle and joint pain.

Remember To Be Grateful
3) Remember to be Grateful. Writing down everything your thankful for this year helps you to put things in perspective and reminds you the real things you enjoy in life do not cost a thing.

4) Get together with girlfriends to relax. There is nothing like some old-fashioned girl talk around food and plenty of laughs to get you in the true sense of the season. Instead of group texting during the season, plan to get together with your girlfriends at least once this December to take your mind off your to-do list and catch up with what’s really going on with your girl friends.

5) Start a new family tradition. Planning and sticking to some family traditions can be overwhelming, if you have to compete with how your Grandma and Aunts did things back in the day. Instead of putting the extra pressure on yourself to make things perfect, create a new tradition that is a bit more simple and involves everyone helping out and leaves more time for you to relax.

6) Workout. Often times, all we need is an outlet to relieve stress during the holidays. Aim to get in quick 30 minute workouts 2 to 3 times a week. Studies show working out helps to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. Make you a priority by taking care of that body during the holidays.

7) Stop Being Noisy- Cut back on Social Media. Religiously checking to see where your friends are headed for the holidays or what new shoe and dress your favorite influencer is wearing can cause unnecessary jealousy, stress and frustration. Use this time to take a few days off of social media and enjoy your time with family and friends. Remember, stalking the lives of other people online doesn’t bring you closer to your goals. Focus on you, your achievements, and your circle; as those things matter most.

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