Sweat and Flex Bootcamp


We’re amping up the fun, sweat, muscule-building, and accountability for our bootcamps to get you in the best shape possible within these 4 weeks! Give it all you got to see shape you will be in after this bootcamp is over. All training levels are encouraged to join us for all of the fun; modifications will be provided.

Our next Sweat and Flex Bootcamp runs from TUESDAY, JANUARY 23RD -SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 17TH!!  We’re working on gaining more strength, upping the accountability, and dropping some body fat to start off this new year.

Total body workouts take place in each class. Format of the class consists of total body combined conditioning training sessions. Resistance-based cardio bootcamp drills using free weights, resistance training machines, and our own body weight, will be included in each workout to assist in performing strength-training exercises, and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) exercises to help you strengthen your muscles, increase metabolism; while dropping body fat in order to facilitate maximum fat and weight loss possible within the 4 week class.  All training levels will be accommodated in the Sweat and Flex Bootcamp, so join us for the Sweat!

Participants attend class two (2) or three (3) times a week. For some of our Saturday workouts, we will head outdoors for half of the workout; training will take place at a park nearby! (If it is too hot, the entire Saturday workout, will take place indoors.) Participants are allowed one make up day with another class throughout the course of the 4 weeks.  Please contact us at least 5 hours before your class time if you would like to make up your class on another day and time.


To make sure you are seeing the most results within the 4-week Sweat and Flex Bootcamp, we will be providing the following tools to keep you on your A-Game during the bootcamp:

*Healthy eating food guide

*Private Facebook Accountability Group

*2 Total Body Training Workouts to take place in T2 Fitness Studios

*1 Total body workout given via Facebook Group to be done outside the studio.

*1 Personal Accountability Partner who is also registered for the bootcamp to keep you focused on reaching your goals for the 4-week bootcamp.

Class times that are  currently available for this session!!!

Tuesday morning 6:00-7:00am

Thursday morning 6:00-7:00am

Tuesday evening 7:30-8:30pm

Thursday evening 7:30-8:30pm

Saturday 9:00-10:00am

Remember, attendees train at the studio two-three times a week.  Make sure you to contact us as soon as you register to secure you days during bootcamp; class slots fill on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The cost is a one-time, non-transferable/non-refundable fee of **$57** for the entire 4 week class; that comes out to $7 per class or $87 for training 3 times a week for the entire 4 week class.

Registration starts TUESDAY, JANUARY 16TH at 8am. Our first class meets TUESDAY, JANUARY 23RD. You can pay and register for the class here on our website starting Wednesday morning at 8am.  Class fills on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Class fills on a first come-first serve basis and there are only 48 spots available. So if you want to make sure you get the days you want, please contact us via email: t2fitnessinfo@gmail.com or call (757) 695-8823 as soon as you register to secure your appropriate training days once registration starts!! If you contact us via email, you will get an email response back confirming your training days.

1) Pay for Sweat and Flex 4-Week Bootcamp, by clicking on the PayPal button down.  You have two options; train 2 x a week or 3 x a week.  Payment is nonrefundable and nontransferable once you pay.  Please select the corresponding button to indicate how many days you would like to train for this session.




2) Download the Registration form located immediately below by clicking on “Sweat and Flex Bootcamp Form,” fill out forms completely and email it back to us at t2fitnessinfo@gmail.com.

” Sweat and Flex Bootcamp Form “

3) Turn in the registration forms via email, PRIOR to your first training session.   We will not accept registration forms on training days, it must be turned in PRIOR to training.

4) Call in to the studio or email us as soon as you register online to reserve your two specific training days.  As the class begins to fill up.  Participants will have to attend class based on what class times are available.

NOTE:  Even if you have already paid for training, you will not be able to participate in class until you turn in your registration forms.  Class runs from Tuesday, JANUARY 23RD – FEBRUARY 17TH.