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Our goal is to assist you in getting in the best shape possible via the right workout program, nutritional program, behavioral change cues, and accountability, regardless of your busy schedule. Check out some of our past and current clients who have utilized T2 Fitness to help them reach their fitness goals.
















Congrats to Leslie who has been working since January…in 4 months she has lost 35 pounds and is still going. She told me that she’s been on a roller coaster ride when it comes to weight loss all her life and she now has the tools and mindset to go for more. We’re so happy for you lady…congrats lady!!







Joyce has lost over 25 lbs in just 3 months.



Well it’s approaching a year since I treated myself to the best birthday gift of all times. Personal Training with Tasha Turnbull at T2 Fitness. Yes, it has been hard but this journey to a healthy life style has been worth it. Tasha’s knowledge and dedication to my personal nutrition and exercise was thorough and professional. As a I reflect, there were times when I became frustrated yet, knew that a change in my mindset was necessary. I was eating and drinking all the wrong things and blaming it on menopause, when I knew it was lack of exercise along with poor eating habits, I can truly say that working out with Tasha changed all of that and changed my life. Tasha’s professional style, knowledge, sternness and hidden humor made every workout session challenging and something to look forward to. Since being a client of Tasha’s at T2 Fitness, I am now approaching my 56th birthday, 44 lbs lighter, looking rather good if I say so myself and most of all feeling absolutely wondrful! I wan to continue to “Pay if Forward” by spreading the word about my wonderful experience at T2 Fitness and hopefully by reading this testimony you will consider training with Tasha Turnbull in the future.



My struggle with weight began in 2006. Due to health issues and lack of exercise, I rapidly gained weight. It was very hard for me to lose weight as I was unmotivated and did not see the light at the end of the tunnel. I love being the center of attention and the focal point in a picture. I began hiding behind my clothes and at times was depressed. I began X-Training in September 2011. Tasha was aware of my weight loss goal and pushed me to meet that during classes. She provided me with exercises to perform at home and assisted me with making healthier food choices. I notice after the first X-Training that my clothes began to fit looser. By the time I signed up for the next class, I lost a total of 10 pounds. 6 months later and 3 X-Training sessions later, I lost 20lbs and met my weight loss goal. I feel mentally and physically better. Even after X-Training, Tasha continues to provide motivation, nutritional and exercise tips. Now I have set new weight loss goals and will continue to utilize T2 Fitness to help me meet them.



In October of 2011, I was the biggest loser in T2 Fitness’ class. I was having a difficult time breathing and gainied so much weight I had to do something to change my lifestyle. I stopped eating junk food and started training with T2 Fitness. I lost 11 pounds in 5 weeks. Tasha Turnbull was a challenge to me. She encouraged me to keep going at my own pace and once I could do the task, she pushed me further. I really learned a lot during the class; not only to lose weight but also to be a healthy eater. Previously, I was wearing a size 18. No 6 months later (and 30 pounds lighter), I am happy to say I can wear a size 12!



I want to thank T2 Fitness very much for challenging me by mixing up my work out exercises so that I could achieve my weight loss goals. When I started working out at T2 Fitness I had no idea it was going to be a full service training as not only did you challenge me in my workout routines, you also challenged me about my eating habits. I can honestly say that I have dropped a dress size and quite a few inches across my stomack which was my ultimate goal. Thanks for all your help.



What has T2 Fitness done for me? Well can I first start by saying I got my SEXY back! I can honestly say signing on with T2 Fitness was probably one of the best decisions I ever made. She catered to my personal fitness needs. I have a previous knee injury from working and T2 made a concious effort to design a workout that was good for me to achieve my goals and not upset my condition. I can fit back into my old clothes adn have regained my sense of self. I feel so much better mentally and physically. As long as T2 Fitness is around, I’ll be there!



Instruction from Tasha with T2 Fitness taught me how to excercise properly and eat healthier. I have toned up, lost 12lbs and lost a dress size. My meal portions are smaller and I make better food choices. T2 Fitness made a difference for me and I am thankful for the guidance Tasha provides.



“There are many factors that can contribute to gaining weight. The stresses of lifem getting older, and not having time to fix healthy meals were just a few of the “reasons” that I would give when the realization of reaching a weight of 260 lbs would cross my mind. In 2009 I decided that I was going to make a serious commitment to losing weight. Previously, I had tried different types of diets, work out plans, electronic equipment and other methods in an attempt to lose weight. Nothing seemed to work for me. I wouldn’t see the results I wanted. So I would lose motivation and revert to my old habits of eating badly, not exercising, and not being concerned with the consequences of being overweight.”

“I decided to begin training with Tasha Turnbull and T2 Fitness. At first I had some reservations about working with a trainer. I didn’t know if Tasha would be able to help me get my desired results. From day one of working with T2 Fitness, Tasha helped me set short term goals on the road to meeting my long term weight loss goals. Tasha included everything from cardiovascular workouts to weight training and even the stretching into my workout regiment. I admit in the beginning it was HARD. There were times when I was ready to give up, but Tasha encouraged me to continue working out and eating healthy, Tasha’s words of encouragement always seemed to give me the extra push that I needed to finish my work out and not give up, or resist the temptation of eating the wrong thing. By following the diet and exercise program that Tasha provided me with, I was able to lose 20 lbs within 3 months. It wasn’t an easy task, but once I stepped on the scale and saw 240 lbs I felt like I had accomplished something. It made me feel better about myself. I can honestly say that none of this would have been possible without the help of Tasha Turnbull and T2 Fitness.”



In August 2009, I was the heaviest I had ever been. Weighing in at 232 lbs, I truly felt the toll it was taking on my body. I was always tired, uncomfortable, and I couldn’t make it up a short flight of stairs without huffing and puffing. When it came to my eating, I was out of control! I knew I had to do something fast! I began working out with T2 Fitness in September of 2009 and felt the difference almost immediately. Tasha took me through a variety of cardio and strength training workouts. She even helped me to become more conscious of what I ate, reminding me that I don’t always have to eat the last bite. Watching my portion size and choosing healthier food choices was another valuable lesson I learned. Even when we weren’t working out, the T2 text messages were always encouraging and kept me focused! In April 2010 I had lost 42 lbs! Not only that, but I had more strength and endurance. I was also able to play with my 1 year old brother without getting tired! I appreciate T2 for teaching me the ways to live a healthy lifestyle!”



I am not even sure where to begin. I am a former model and a mother of three. After my second child I was 123 lbs and had a six pack. I gave birth to my third son in January of 2007 and gained 45 lbs. I met Tasha in November 2009 at that time in my life I weighed in at about 170, and I was depressed, I had to make a change. I tried everything, working out in the gym, running, cutting out red meat, nothing worked. I began training with T2 Fitness in June of 2010. At first, Tasha and I fought over what I wanted to do and what she knew was best for me. Everyday she would quiz me about my eating habits, and urge me to get in as much cardio as I could. After changing what I ate (I had an addiction to fried foods), and training with Tasha for a few weeks, I noticed a difference. My clothing started to fit better, I had more energy, and overall, I was excited about working out. Tasha will really push you, but it was well worth it. Six months later I have lost 10 lbs and a lot of inches. If it wasn’t for training with T2 Fitness I wouldn’t be as confident or healthy as I am now. I have even done a photo shoot recently. My training with her became a constant staple in my routine and overall changed my outlook on life.”



“I began going to T2 Fitness in March of 2010. Even though I’m a petite woman, I have learned that eveyone needs to exercise no matter what size they may be. I developed poor eating habits from sitting at an office desk every day. After noticing my mid-section became a “muffin top” I knew I had to make some changes. While going to T2 Fitness weekly, I developed muscle tone, strength, and endurance. Tasha made sure I stayed motivated and focused on my goals. Tasha has taught me how to make exercise and eating healthy a part of my daily life. Thank you Tasha of T2 Fitness for your guidance!”



I’ve had the pleasure of working out with Tasha of T2 Fitness for the past 3 months. Since day one with my assessment, she has been very informative and adamant about assisting me in reaching my goals. Losing weight was not my goal, it was toning and tightening my muscles. Over the past 3 months of training, I am asked, “How much weight have you lost?” I told them that losing was not my goal, but toning and losing inches. Three months later, I have a smaller waist, toned legs and arms…
Thanks T2 Fitness!!



I signed with T2 Fitness in December of 2010. I needed to lower my cholesterol, lose weight, and take charge of my life. Tasha worked my whole body and I learned how to eat healthy and stay on track. I looked forward to my weekly calls or text from her. All the hard work was worth it – I think of how good I feel and when I look in the mirror and see the new me, I am amazed!!! Six months later, 22 lbs down, and several inches off my waistline later, I want to say…Thank you T2 Fitness!!!



I had the privilege of having Tasha as my personal trainer for 6 months. I never thought that exercise was for me, but since working with Tasha, when I didn’t exercise I felt as though I was missing something. I had never been able to be consistent when it came to exercising but Tasha was the motivator I needed to get me started in the right direction. My goal was to tone up, which happened, but I also lost 20 pounds in the process. I started eating better although I never mastered it, that is still a work in progress. I was really impressed with Tasha’s professionalism and genuine caring attitude. I just want to thank Tasha publicly for a job well done. Sincerely, Margaret H



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