Fall Fitness Tips


With Fall just a few days away, it’s the perfect time to recommit yourself to a solid fitness plan. What better way to get back on track than right before the holidays?  Below are some fitness tips to assist you in reclaiming your fitness routine.


1)  Fall weather is a great time to go hiking.  Check in and around surrounding areas where you could go hiking. The change in scenery will help your mood, and the fresh Fall air will help your circulation.


2)  Root vegetables are in season.  Eating vegetables that are in-season means you’re eating food that is in its freshest state.  Also, since root vegetables are in-season, they are usually cheaper than your other vegetables.  Stay tuned to our newsletter as we will be giving you some fall recipes you can try out with some of our favorite root vegetables this season. 


3) Stay active while watching fall tv shows. The start of the fall season brings all of your favorite fall tv shows back in action.  If you find yourself sitting more during this time of year, commit to staying active during each show.  For example, set a timer during each show to perform 60 pushups, 60 sit ups, and 60 power jumps by the end of the show.


4) Finally Start Your Running Routine.  If you’ve been holding off on running during the summer because of the heat, the fall is the absolute perfect time to start jogging/running.  The cooler air and crisp temperatures provide the perfect balance to start to get comfortable with elevating your heart rate.  Throw on your favorite long sleeved shirt or light jacket, put on your sneakers and head outside to start running.  Remember, progress requires patience, so even if you can only jog for 1 minute before needing to walk, that is fine.  The point is to keep going so you can increase your cardiovascular endurance to jog even faster.  You can do this!


5)  Focus on Staying Committed. Whatever your fitness plan consists of, remember success requires discipline and discipline requires commitment.  Even if you don’t get in every workout you planned to and last night’s dinner wasn’t the best, don’t use that as an excuse to fall completely off the wagon.  Pick your fitness routine right back up by getting in more activity today and staying the course.  If you can make your healthy living routine a habit for at least 21 days, it increases your chances of success.  So check out your weekly routine to see what needs to be enhanced and eliminated this fall season so we can see some results.